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Would you like to achieve your business goals?

Our goal is your success. With the combination of our methods and processes, with a sound mind and strong intuition of our company's people we help you create a feasible vision and execution plan. Our assistance with implementation of the Growth.pngspecific parts of an execution plan, where appropriate, is included as well. We can also provide you with the required training of your personnel in order for them to be able to support the vision and adjust execution of these methods and processes in your environment. All this is a prerequisite for us to jointly upgrade processes, thusly enhanced, with the required software support.

How to achieve this?
 The improvements introduced empower generation of a substantial competitive advantage and capitalizing of it on the large enough markets for a faster growth of  throughput as opposed to operations expense, with the necessary improvements of the supply chain processes, distribution, production, development projects management, marketing and sales, contribution measurement and impartial stimulation, all this enabling sales, productivity and profit increase.

Implemented processes are to be such, that they are to mainly function independently and require only occasional intervention by the management and consultants, backed by the steady IT.​

Areas in which we guarantee you Results Improvement:
  • Production Management
  • Project Management and Execution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Measurements for Business Decision-Making and Stimulation System
  • Strategies and tactics for implementation of the Process Of Ongoing Improvement
  • Solution of demanding problems with the use of the Thinking Process
  • Software support for these Areas.

The Process of Improvement is based on The Theory of Constraints (TOC) –Theory of constraints, Philosophy of Process Management and Improvement, author Eliyahu M. Goldratt, PhD. In 1984 he presented it in his book "The Goal". It is based on portraying processes mutual dependence as a chain and its weakest link, as well as under the assumption, that in each complex system, at any given time and at any point, there can often be found only one aspect (constraint) of the system, which disables its ability to reach more units of a goal.  In order to achieve substantial improvement of such system, it is vital to identify the constraint and manage the entire system according to it (around it).  


IT Support


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